Collection: Half Scale Dress Form

Miniature Half Scale Dress Form makes it easy to try out new patterns and fabrics, without wasting expensive fabric while experimenting. It also makes the pattern making process more manageable and speeds things up with shorter seams, excellent for fashion education and student draping practice, and for designers to test and create designs, make muslins and sample garments at 50 percent of their usual size.

Why work on Half Scale Dress Forms

- You can see the entire form while still standing near enough to make changes to the design.

- The eye can accurately gauge the best proportions for the body and the design.

- You can better predict the behaviour of the fabric.

- The design can be created in the actual fashion fabric, since so little is used; its  characteristics can be used to the best effect in the design.

- Custom dressmakers can use the half scale to exhibit their work for customers, enabling customers to "see" the garment much more clearly. 

- Sewing instructors can use it as an effective way to teach sewing skills - students learn construction skills without having to worry about fit and they feel more willing
  to try a technique without having to wear it. 

- The garment pieces are small enough that students can see which end is up.

- And finally, the student has a permanent sample that can always be checked again for how-to.

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